Emily was Vice President of Growthink, a strategic and transactional consulting firm, from 2007-2009. She worked with hundreds of companies on their growth, financing and exit strategies as well as helped Growthink develop its internal lines of business and company building.

Emily was a founding partner of Linea Capital, the first investment bank and advisory services firm to target domestic emerging companies catering to the U.S. Hispanic market, where she sourced deals up to $20 million for private equity, venture capital and hedge funds seeking to diversity their portfolios with a domestic emerging markets play.

Prior, Emily was a regular commentator for CNNfn and CNBC, providing insight on breaking financial news and its impact on the stock market. An M&A specialist, she directed editorial coverage of international financial news in her role as Senior Editor of The Deal, a multimedia M&A news organization. She also was an analyst with the Worldly Information Network, which analyzed overseas investment opportunities for U.S. investors.

Emily began her career in investment banking as an Emerging Markets analyst with Wasserstein Perella (now Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein) where she researched, wrote and edited sections of From Third World to World Class: The Future of Emerging Markets in the Global Economy as well as economic, academic and foreign affairs journal articles on capital-market formation and privatization.


Mergers & Acquisitions Expertise

In the News

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Hispanic Market Expertise

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